Halcyon Lodge of Freemasons
Freemasonry in Cleveland, Ohio

Freemasonry in Cleveland, Ohio

Freemasonry in Cleveland, OhioSince 1875 Halcyon has been the premier Masonic Lodge in Cleveland, Ohio. It was founded by the mayor and his close associates to be the most progressive lodge of Freemasons in the country, and continues to be so to this day. Over the years Halcyon has been actively involved in the city and community helping to improve the lives of our neighbors through charity and various social events.


Many people don’t know it but Cleveland was at one time one of the most Masonic cities in the country with many of the largest lodges being located within driving distance of downtown. Some of the largest Masonic Temples in the United States were built in Cleveland where lodges achieved membership numbers of 2,500 or more. This flourishing Masonic community allowed the Freemasons of Cleveland to contribute in ways that were simply not possible elsewhere in the United States.


Halcyon Lodge was at the core of Cleveland Masonry and brought together people from all walks of life to help them improve themselves through the time honored traditions of Freemasonry. Today, Halcyon continues to be at the center of Freemasonry in Cleveland, and offers a fun, convivial social experience to its members. The majority of our members are aged 35 to 45 and the Temple is open for their personal use daily. Some of our members prefer to work from the temple while others drop by for video games, billiards, or to work out. Lodge nights are formal events that require proper attire, and are usually concluded with a festive board. We also host events to support our charity. Friends and family are always welcome at the temple.


If you’re thinking about becoming a Freemason or are a Mason looking for a new lodge then stop by and visit with us.

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