Halcyon Lodge of Freemasons
Bal Ingenieux Photos at Halcyon Masonic Lodge

Bal Ingenieux Photos at Halcyon Masonic Lodge

After years of restoration and preparation Halcyon Temple was brought to light in all its former glory for the City of Cleveland at Bal Ingenieux. Tickets went for as high as $1,000, and it was an event like no other.

Just a few years ago the Grand Lodge of Ohio wanted to destroy this building and sell the land for condos. We fought to save it and the Bal Ingenieux was our celebration for the hard work and energy put forth by all the brothers at Halcyon and the Grand Orient USA.

Finally Freemasonry and the Arts have come together once again to create beauty for the sake of beauty itself.

Enjoy the photos! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151041750074741.542919.290853719740&type=1

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