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Original Temple Building

~ West Side Members of the Order Give an Impressive Ceremony ~


~ New Building is Formally Occupied by Lodges ~


~ Hundreds are unable to reach the Assembly Room ~


Masonic TempleThe West Side Masons dedicated their beautiful new temple, at the corner of Pearl and Church Streets, last evening before a representative audience that completely filled every inch of available space in the building. So great was the crush that hundreds were unable to get anywhere near the assembly room, where dedicatory exercises took place. The ceremonies were entirely in charge of the officers of the Grand Lodge Ohio, and were particularly effective and impressive.


The officers of the Grand Lodge who were present and assisted in the ceremonies were as follows: F. S. Harmon of Akron, Grand Master; Dr. W .A. Belt of Kenton, Senior Grand Warden; O. P. Sperra of Ravenna, Junior Grand Warden; Benjamin B. Avery of Cleveland, Grand Orator; C. C. Ballou of Toledo, Grand Marshal; B. F. Perry of Jefferson, Grand Junior Deacon; George Billow of Akron, Grand Chaplain. After music by Kirk’s orchestra the members of Forest City Commandery escorted the officers of the Grand Lodge three times around the lodge room in a slow and measured march. At the conclusion of the march the officers stopped in front of the stage and before the altar and were greeted by the grand salute by the assembled Masons. Grand Master Harmon then made a brief speech, in which he expressed his joy and pleasure in assisting in the ceremonies incident to the dedication of so magnificent a building to the rites of Masonry.


Junior Grand Warden Sperra then advanced and presented the Grand Master with a golden vessel of corn. With appropriate words the Grand Master then scattered the corn on the floor as a symbol of nourishment. Senior Grand Warden Belt then advanced and presented the Grand Master with a golden vessel of wine. Again with appropriate words the Grand Master sprinkled the wine on the floor, which dedicated the temple to virtue. E. C. Guilliford, Past Grand Master of Ohio, then presented the Grand Master with a golden vessel of oil. The oil was poured on the floor and the temple was dedicated to universal benevolence.


After a prayer by Grand Chaplain Billow the temple was pronounced fully dedicated to the rites Masonry.


A feature of the ceremony was presence of Gaston Allen and Capt. Robert Greenhalgh, two of the oldest Masons in Ohio. During the dedicatory exercises music was rendered by the Temple sextet.


After the dedication proper Grand Orator Avery spoke briefly in congratulation to the West Side Masons. The temple was pronounced one of the finest in the state. The speaker said that as Masonry was distinctly progressive it was fitting that the West Side Masons should surround themselves with splendor and almost luxury. After the address of the Grand Orator, speakers representing the different lodges who have their home in the new temple were announced as follows: James Sterling, Bigelow Lodge; W. S. A. Brady, Halcyon Lodge; A. H. Hoffner, Thatcher Chapter; Capt. Dalton, Forest City Commandery; Gaston Allen, Bigelow Lodge; Robert Simpson, Bigelow Lodge; Charles Eichhorn, Halcyon Lodge; Mrs. John Harris, Pearl Chapter of the Easter Star. All the addresses were brief, but happy expressions of the joy of the occasion. Masters and Past Masters of the lodges in Cleveland and vicinity who occupied seats on the platform were as follows: G. G. Allen, Stephen Buhrer, Stephen Langell, Robert Simpson, Benjamin Saunders, Robert Greenhalgh, James M. Wright, Jr., E. E. Lampson, J. G. Smith, Isaac Kalisky, David Johnson, J. D. Clough, M. M. Glekler, A. W. Norton, J. H. Sterling, Thomas Liggett, M. G. Norton, J. H. Brown, C. H. Eichhorn, Warren Duncan, A. H. Hoffner.


After the speeches a general reception was held. Dancing and the serving of refreshments filled out the evening.


With the exception of an expensive pipe organ which was not in place, the temple is complete as it was dedicated last night. The furnishings are luxuriant and were evidently purchased with the idea of elegance without regard to expense. Members of the Grand Lodge pronounced the temple one of the most beautiful in Ohio. The first floor contains the ballroom and the banquet and drill hall. The second floor is divided into four rooms and occupied by the Order of the Eastern Star. The rooms are used for initiatory work and are lavishly furnished.



The third floor is the home of the Blue Lodge. Here members of Bigelow and Halcyon Lodges, of Thatcher Chapter, and of the Forest City Commandery meet. The stage is equipped with four separate curtains and sets of scenery. The scenery is elaborate and adapted to all the uses of the Masonic work. The fourth floor is occupied by the store rooms, where the equipage and paraphernalia are placed when not in use.


The temple was examined time and again by the visitors last evening, and Masons, happy in their new and beautiful home, were congratulated on every hand.


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