Halcyon Lodge of Freemasons

Halcyon Lodge has been dedicated to the Spirit of Freemasonry since 1875.

It was at this time that Wor. Bro. Frederick Pelton declared that Halcyon would be “the most progressive lodge in the country,” and we remain so to this day.

The Masonic Quest for Truth

“For we be Brethren of the Rosy Cross We have the Mason-word and second sight.” -The Muses Threnodie, by Henry Adamson, 1638

Esoteric Scottish Rite Freemasonry

We’re looking forward to another successful Masonic year in 2013, and to kick things off we’ll be starting a series of lectures and studies in the esoteric mysteries of the Scottish Rite. This series will focus on the workings of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction, and the writing of Albert Pike.

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Bro. Kris Kringle (Santa Claus) of Halcyon Lodge No. 498

Bro. Kris Kringle is the oldest living member of Halcyon Lodge, and at the first meeting of each November he quietly lands his sleigh in the parking lot, and pulls it into the lower level where it will be loaded with toys for all the good little girls and boys.  It’s the beginning of a […]

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Halcyon Lodge Room

This is a photo of the Halcyon Lodge room after renovation. Wow! (Click on the title to see a larger view.)  

Halcyon Floor Restoration

The north and south flooring at the historic West Side Masonic Temple, home of Halcyon Lodge No. 498, has been restored to its original hardwood. Sometime during the 1950′s the hardwood floors on the north and south sides of the lodge room were covered over with a thin plywood and then tiled with gaudy

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Ghosts at Halcyon Lodge. Watch the video! So who you going to call? ORBS, or Ohio Researches of Banded Spirits, Ohio’s top paranormal team. They came with high-end sophisticated scientific tools for recording and sensing energy, like night vision cameras, digital voice reporters and thermal imaging equipment.

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After years of restoration and preparation Halcyon Temple was brought to light in all its former glory for the City of Cleveland at Bal Ingenieux. Tickets went for as high as $1,000, and it was an event like no other. Just a few years ago the Grand Lodge of Ohio wanted to destroy this building

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Ingenuity Cleveland Bal Ingenieux

Ingenuity Cleveland and Halcyon Lodge is channeling the spirits of the Kokoon Arts Club with its first annual Bal Ingenieux.  This one night only masked ball takes the audience through an amazing journey of performances and interactive installations. Bring a mask or get one at the door, but come prepared for a night to remember.  […]

Lambda Chi Alpha in Cleveland, Ohio

Lambda Chi Alpha is a university fraternity started by Freemasons in the early part of the 20th century. Their rituals and philosophy are very similar to that of Freemasonry due to their Masonic heritage. Starting in 2012 the members of Lambda Chi Alpha in the City of Cleveland have a new Masonic home

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